Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three Years Down, Eternity To Go!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Jake!!

On August 4th Jake and I "celebrated" our three year anniversary. I say "celebrated" because the 4th feel on a Wednesday.....and if anyone reading this knows Jake at all....Wednesdays stand for Basketball night. : ) So we will be going out for it hopefully this weekend. But we did do a little bit for each other on the day. Jake gave me my favorite roses, and they were so beautiful. I sent a card to Jake in the mail to his work. The card said on the front ... "You're the one I've always dreamed of! You're my object of Devotion! You're my Joy, my Fun, My Life, My Love..." and then on the inside it said..."You're Poultry in Motion!!" (and when you open it it starts playing the chicken dance song.) So inside the card I wrote my own poem to go along with the "Poultry in Motion" and it went like this...

Three years ago Today,
You took me as your Bride.
And on that Day I'd Wish and Pray,
That you'd Never Leave my side.

Through the days, months and years,
Our Love has Expanded and Grown.
With Smiles, Laughs and just a few Tears,
It's hard to believe how Fast it has Flown.

And as we continue on our Journey of Life,
With Many More years, I'm sure.
I Always want to be the Wife,
To Seduce you and Allure.

No other Man could take the Place,
Of my Amazing Husband, my Friend.
You're Handsome with your Scruffy Face,
And Sexy with your Nice Back-end.

I know our Love is Strong and True,
And will continue to last for Years and Years through.
But most of all through Past years and New,
Nothing will Ever Change how much I LOVE YOU!

Happy Anniversary Jake!!! I love you!

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Leslie & Matt said...

Well look who can write their own Hallmark cards!!? :) Congrats, I love the pics & hope you do something super fantastic to celebrate such an aweseom occasion-Hooray for Eternity!!