Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yes Ladies, He is Sexy, Single, and Looking!

Well, I don't know if anyone even checks my blog anymore since it takes me so long to post, but here goes nothing. Since it has been so long, I will just post the most recent event which was Jake's brother Jordan's commissioning into the Air Force. We flew into Salt Lake to see his "graduation" from the ROTC program into the full time Air Force. The ceremony was really cool, and much better than any school graduation. It was held at the state capitol, which is actually really beautiful. He was sworn in by his Dad who is a retired Air Force Officer. He was then pinned by his mom, dad and younger brother Mikey, who will be commissioning next year. The whole ceremony went really well and was really neat to watch. Jordan actually had over 30 people show up to the ceremony, which I think was about half the room. :) Gotta love the Lawrence family events! :) The next day a few of us gave him some presents for all the hard work that he has put into the ROTC for the past few years. Jake, Maggy, Kit, Abbie and I decided to go in on a quilt that I made for him. It was only my third quilt and I am so dang proud of it! Overall the weekend went really well, and we are all really proud of what Jordan has accomplished. So if any of you ladies reading this know of any hot single ladies that would like to travel the world with their fly boy, let me know and we can hook it up! :) That ones for you Jord! Keep up the good work bro!