Friday, July 30, 2010


I thought I would take a little time away from my massive catch up post....which I have been working on..don't you worry about wish my sweet husband a happy birthday!

Well, if I don't say so myself, I thought the day was pretty sweet. :) It started off the night before when I was singing him Happy Birthday as I was falling asleep because I noticed that it was past midnight. :) ha ha. But really, this is what I did. So yesterday at lunch, I decided that I would go downtown and surprise Jake with a cake that I made him....but this was no ordinary cake....this was a freaking awesome candy cake. The entire cake was made out of only candy (and two Tupperware for support)! I did this because Jake doesn't really care all that much for cake, but he loves candy! All of our friends here in Denver know us as the Candy House with the "Candy Corner." So that gives you an idea as to how much he likes candy. But anyways, it took me a few hours to I was sooo freaking excited to give it to him when I was done. How it works is there is two Tupperware of different sizes stacked on top of each other. Inside the Tupperware I filled it with more candy and also little slips of paper that tell him why I love and appreciate him. I then lined up his favorite candy bars along the outside of the bottom and covered the top with starbursts. I did this all with double sided he can eat it all without having to worry about hot glue. So yesterday I toted this pretty heavy cake (I would say it was at least 5 to 10lbs) up to my office so that it wouldn't melt in the sun, then back down to my car, all the way down town...which from my office was about a 35 minute drive, and up to the 28Th floor of Jake's building....lets just say I had quite a few people give me funny looks while I was in the elevator. ha ha. But anyways, so I get to his floor and I have to tap on the glass doors because you can only get in with a pass...luckily Jake's desk is right by the door. So when I knocked, he looks over....and the look of surprise on his face was priceless! He had no idea that I was going to try to do anything for him at the office...especially since what I did for him at the office last year was given away by others in the office. But it ended up turning out to be really good this year. I took the "Birthday Boy" pin on the front of the cake off and pined it to his shirt. He turned bright red when I showed him how it flashed. :) (Jake's not one for it was perfect.) So anyways, a bunch of people came over and Jake introduced them to me and took a look at my fine work. He then took me around to meet some of the guys that he works with....since all of the times I have been to the office no one has been there. But then I had to leave because my meter was out....luckily I didn't get a ticket because it had already expired by the time I got back down there....30 minutes goes by fast! But after I left, Jake went out with a few people from work for lunch, and he wore his pin, so I thought that was funny. So then after work, I got home a little bit before he did, so I set up his present display. I decided to print off letters and make my own customized banner. I thought it looked pretty cute. After he came home and I surprised him with that, we went out to one of his favorite places for dinner.....Chili's (we are going to go out to his other favorite place, Texas Roadhouse for a combined Brokeback Birthday Bash (funny inside joke that only Jessica will understand) on Saturday). When we came home he opened up his presents and even did a short modeling with his new compression shorts. After presents we went and played his new Wii game, Star Wars Lego, until midnight. ha animals, I know. But that was his day in a nutshell.

Sweetheart, I hope you had a fantastic day and that through it you know how much I am in love with you!!! Well, you should already know that, but hopefully this pushes it over the top. :) You are the most amazing man ever and I am so thankful for you everyday! You may be one year older, and I may point out our age difference all the time :) but you are still young at heart....and it doesn't hurt that you still look 25. :)

I couldn't have asked for a better Eternal Companion then You.


Monday, July 12, 2010

L Seven....Wenie!!!!

Before I do a HUGE catch up post, I wanted to see if anyone even still checks my blog after my seven month hiatus.

Can I get a wootwoot!?! : )