Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TAGGED......I think?...... :)

Well, I saw my name on the lovely Leslie's I am guessing this means me and not another Kim...if it is...Leslie you get two birds with one stone! :) (sorry it has taken me soooo long to do this...I haven't been on forever!)

You take the fourth picture folder and post the fourth picture in that folder. Then you take the sixth folder and post the sixth picture in that folder. Explain the pictures and then send the tag along. Here are my pictures:

This picture was taken back in May when Jake and I went with the Chapman's down to the "Garden of the Gods." It was taken from the observation deck.

This picture is kind of sad... This is Jake's childhood dog Motley. It is Jake's brother Jordan saying good bye to him a few days before he died. :( I am sure he is having a grand old time in doggie heaven with my dog.

You know, this tag has almost made me want to make this a tradition...I feel like I hardly ever post because I dont have anything to post maybe I will just put up random pictures to keep my audience pleased. :) Thanks Leslie!!!

As for those that I am tagging.....
Lisa H., Brittnay R. and Alyssa W.