Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grandma Got Hitched!

It's true. On January 17th Jake and I had the opportunity to go to his Grandma's wedding. This is both of their second marriages since both of their spouses died over 2 years ago. The best part of the story is that both couples knew each other when everyone was still alive, which I think is really cute and helps with the whole "second marriage shock." They really are cute together and it is good that they have companionship until they are with their eternal companions again. I am just gald that she has someone to hang out with and watch over her. Congrats Grandma Matheson! (P.S. if I die before Jake and he thinks about getting married again...someone please shoot either her or him....thank you. :) haha.....I'm not very good at sharing. )

Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick Catch Up

Holy Cow! It sure has been a long time since I have done a real post. I almost don't want to do one now...because it seems like it would be easier to not do one than to try to catch up on the past few months of activities....so I am going to do a quick slide show to show everyone all the fun we have been having the past few months. I am going to take you way back to November when we went to Jake's families how for Thanksgiving. Hopefully most of the pictures will explain themselves. I'll try to do better. ENJOY! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

On Hold for a few more days!.....

I dont like to do posts without pictures....but I'm in California right now, so I don't really have a way to post pictures. But I just wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know that I haven't given up on my blog...I've just been super busy. So when we get back on Sunday...hopefully I will have a few moments on Monday that I can do a massive post starting at Thanksgiving to now... :) So look forward to it!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Good New Years Eve!