Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Second Catch Up!!!

Ok, so I am hoping that with this next post, I can catch it up to the present day...so that I can go back to doing single posts per event. (Hopefully this wont take me a few months this time. :) )

October 15 - 18, 2009 - Jake and I were able to go to California for our niece - Emily's baptism. The whole weekend was a lot of fun. We were able to do a lot that weekend...which made it worth the trip. First on Friday we had an early morning tee off with Jake, Spencer (brother in law), Brandon (Nephew) and I. I had one amazing hole where I almost had a birdie...but ended up settling for par. Brandon, who is 5, did really well. It was fun to do 18 with them. That night my mom, dad, sister Lisa, Spencer, Jake and I went to the San Diego Temple to do sealings. It was pretty special to be there with my family....I always enjoy that. On Saturday, Jake and I went down to the beach to have lunch at the end of the pier. The marine layer was pretty thick that day, but it made for some good pictures. We even saw a pod of dolphins swim by, a crazy lady throwing flowers into the water from her boat, and a seal playing in the water. Later that day we went to the BYU vs SDSU Football game. IT WAS AWESOME!!! :) Jake and I love watching BYU football, but it is even better to be there....especially when it is in the 70's outside!!!! We ended up having to leave a few minutes before the game ended because the baptism had to be moved up....but we ended up winning...and that's all that matters. :) After the game we went straight to the baptism. I had the pleasure of giving the talk on the Holy Ghost. I pretty much cried through the whole thing...because I have giving talks and get really nervous....but hopefully people were able to understand what I was saying and they were able to feel the spirit. The the whole thing went well, and I am so proud of her for making the choice to become a member of the Lord's church. GOOD JOB EMILY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! That night, we hung out with my sister Jennifer, her husband Cain and daughter Natalie. It really was great to be able to hang out with everyone and to be able to see my family.

October 31, 2009 - We went to the ward trunk or treat Halloween party! It was slightly awkward going and not having kids....but luckily we have such good friends, the Chapman's, that are willing to let us borrow their kids any time we want. :) (Thanks guys! :) ) But it was actually pretty fun seeing all the kids in their different costumes and watching them play the silly games that they had. This is a picture at their house afterwards of Jake and Sophie eating their candy necklaces.....she's in love with her Jake Jake. :)

November - and actually some of October, I was working on a Christmas present for Jake's mom. I am pretty sure that she doesn't read the blog, but Sue, if you are reading this.....get off the site now! :) (You don't want to ruin Christmas!!!) Anyways, I decided that I was going to make a "family tree" quilt for my mother in law....and with a little bit of Jake's help......IT TURNED OUT AWESOME!!! I am really really proud of it. It was my first time appliqueing before....which was done all by hand! Jake was able to draw the tree from scratch for me, and traced all the apples, leaves, and people. Thanks for sharing your homemaking skills with me babe! :) Anyways, each of the items on the tree stand for something. In the middle of the tree, is a heart with Jake's Parents names in it. The apples stand for each one of their siblings (Jake's aunts and uncles) and the leaves stand for their nieces and nephews (Jake's cousins.) The four apples in the corners are their parents (Jake's Grandparents) and the people under the tree are their kids (Jake and his siblings.) After 1 huge tree, 21 apples, 46 leaves, 7 people and 1 heart, my fingers were pretty tired. :) Now I am just waiting for my sister to quilt it together for me. Once I get it back, I am going to be binding the quilt for the first time. But either way I am super proud of it....and if she doesn't like it....then I am taking it back....and having 7 kids. :) haha jk.

November 25 - 29, 2009 - Luckily, Jake and I were able to go to California again! This time we were going for Thanksgiving. For the most part, it was just a weekend to hang out and relax. We saw a lot of family, and a lot of football. :) Actually, probably more football than family, but its all good. We had two Thanksgiving dinners. One with one of my mom's sisters family - The Thompson's - on Thanksgiving day and the second with my sister Jennifer and her family on the Saturday after. On Saturday we also went to a member of my parent's ward to watch the BYU vs Utah game. It was a nail bitter, but luckily Jake was able to keep his cursing to a minimum because they won in OT. :) But even if we do sit around and watch football the whole weekend, it is nice to just be out of the cold and with family. I LOVE CALIFORNIA!!!

December 4, 2009 - We went to a birthday part for our friend Zach Smith. A group of 10 of us tried to go to Dave and Busters but have dinner and play games....but when we got there, the told us that it was going to be a 2 hour wait! Luckily I keep Texas Roadhouse's number in my phone (I know, I'm a nerd) so I was able to call ahead and get us in right away. After the delicious dinner, we went to the Chapman's and played games. My team won, of course. :) haha. It was great to be able to spend time with some of our good friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN!!! :)
Ok!!!! I should be all caught up....or at least with the really important things....hopefully people still check out my blog.....haha. Thanks for hanging in there!